The Hotwash SS850 Hot Manual Washer: Engineered for efficiency and ease, this powerhouse cleaning device tackles grease and grime effortlessly. With its ergonomic design, user-friendly controls and rapid heating capabilities, it's perfect for almost any mechanical workshop. Whether you're in an industrial setting or need a reliable parts washer in your workshop, SS850HMW has you covered. Experience superior cleaning performance and unmatched convenience.


Features & Benefits

Single Phase Power

15 Amp, Single Phase operation

Push button adjustable temp gauge.

Easy and rapid control of water temp.

2.5 KW heating element.

Rapid heating.

Excellent Loading Capacity

Loading Capacity = 50kg

Low water, Auto Cutoff

Power cuts automatically when the water is too low. This protects the pump when the operator forgets to top the water up.

Full range of spare parts in stock for immediate overnight delivery.

No down time

Cleaning Mechanism

Spray and brush

Useful internal height

350-900 mm

Commisioning included

Hotwash Victoria

Warranty and support

Australia Wide