The Mine Spec Extra Heavy-Duty range of automatic parts washers is a leap forward in durability and convenience, that offers the user some truly remarkable benefits.


Not only are these monsters constructed using tough mild steel, sand blasted and powder coated, but they also boast a dual skin which offers insulation and an additional layer of strength, a 24hour timer so you can set it to switch on and off at predetermined intervals and an automatic pump-out facility.


Designed for larger companies, this range delivers an effective, reliable solution for your business. Using the latest technology, they ensure fast cleaning and drying of your components, NO safety risks, NO downtime! Now with wastewater pump out as standard and optional gear driven turntable for increased OH&S.

  1. Automatic Cleaning -  Utilize your labour and time wisely
  2. Labour free to dramatically reduce wages
  3. Environmentally friendly and safe to use
  4. Positive cost benefit  offers an easy investment justification.
  5. Save just 1 hour labour per week and the machine has paid its way.
  6. Save $18,000- per year in lost wages.
  7. Generate up to an additional $25,000- P.A. turnover with no extra effort.
  8. Save 2 hours labour per day, annual charge out rate increased by 500 hours.
  9. Free phone technical support on our 1800 849 132 number by qualified and experienced mechanical tradesmen.
  10. Quality Australian Made construction, including stainless steel pump.
  11. Spare Parts Always Available In Our Workshop.
  12. Warranty And Support Throughout Australia.