Meet the SS1350-T & SS1350-HP Automatic Parts Washers. Designed for medium and/or heavy-duty industrial use, these state-of-the-art machines streamline your cleaning process.


Their automated features ensure thorough, consistent cleaning while reducing labour costs. From automotive to heavy transport, the SS1350 models tackles the toughest grime effortlessly.


Boost productivity and precision with these advanced parts washers. Elevate your operations to the next level – invest in an Hotwash SS1350 model for superior results and cost-effective performance.

2 x SS1350-T & HP

The Hotwash Automatic. labour-free, parts washing machine features stainless steel construction for durability and a gear-driven turntable for added operator safety and reliability.

It will elevate your workshop productivity like no other. It will not only save you time & money, it will become a profit centre for your business. Every time you hit the start button, you charge your client your standard hourly rate for 15 minutes of automatic operation.

Features & Benefits:




SS1350-T F-1


Key Benefits

304 stainless steel construction. (Body & lid).

Long term durability and
appearance. It will never rust. A quick polish and it’s as good as new.

6 individual spray pipes with 120 machined, high performance spray jets.

Phenomenal cleaning
performance and speed.

Industry unique spray pipe ball valves and filters. (Total 4)

Ease of service. Jets always unblocked allowing reliable cleaning.

Slide-out turn table (For the SS1350-T)

Load and unload parts on other side of the workshop and bring back to the machine.

Trolley drip tray (For the SS1100-T)

Keeps work place floor clean and safe. No “Slips, trips or falls”

Bright, easy to read Digital Temperature LED readout.

Read water temperature gauge from distance and know when it’s ready to use.

Push button adjustable temp gauge.

Easy and rapid control of water temp.

Turn table “Jog” button.

Brings parts to the front after cleaning so no more back bending to load or unload. SAFER & ERGONOMIC

Prestart function.

Let’s you test large loads with lid down to ensure no parts get jammed and cause damage.

Large capacity, high performance stainless steel pump and impellor.

Effortless fast cleaning.

Big 1” 3/8 pump shaft and massive, durable hard face pump seal.

Reduces down time or expense due to the reliability.

Castor wheels

Portable and manoeuvrable around the workshop. Use the machine where needed.

15 KW heaters.

Rapid Heating.

Quick action Emergency stop.

Increased operator safety.

End of cycle alarm.

Notifies you of end of cleaning cycle. Time efficient.

Quick removal waste water tank cover.

No need to remove turntable and gives immediate and total access to tank for cleaning.

European design and build quality

Super reliability and efficiency.

Cost Effective

Using multiple suppliers to maintain parts of a legacy cooling system can become a costly and difficult task. Opting for a complete, turnkey cooling system brings everything under one roof and helps you save costs over the long-term.

Expert technical knowledge by highly qualified and experienced tradesmen with 35 years of experience with industrial parts washing machine.

Great customer support

Full range of spare parts in stock for immediate overnight delivery.

Minimal Downtime

Warranty and support

Australia Wide