Why Choose Hotwash?

In a nutshell, you choose Hotwash because - we offer high quality products and excellent service - We've been in the business for fourty- years - We have a solution for every industry - We give expert advice - We have reasonable pricing - We take safety and the environment seriously - We're Australian owned and operated

Do you service your machines countrywide

Hotwash Australia distributes and services our machines throughout Australia, making use of third-party contractores where necessary.

Do you manufacture your own machines?

Hotwash Australia locally manufactures a range of heavy-duty, extra heavy-duty and super heavy-duty parts washers. Coupled with that, we also import a wide range of stainless-steel parts washers

How do your prices compare to other parts washer companies?

Hotwash Australia is by no means the cheapest supplier in the market, but we're also not the most expensive. We offer high quality products at reasonable prices and our after-sales service matches that quality.

Do you rent machines out?

Yes, Hotwash Australia has a rental option for customers who prefer not to own their parts washer.

Do you offer payment options?

Yes, Hotwash Australia offers a host of payment options, including leasing via a third party vendor, outright purchase, rental and short-term finance

Do you sell manual washers?

Yes, Hotwash Australia has a range of stainless-steel and heavy duty manual parts washers, which use either hot water, or cold solvent, depending on your requirements.

Do you supply the mining sector?

Yes, Hotwash Australia is a preferred supplier to BHP and Rio Tinto. We have a large number of our parts washers successfully operating on mine sites throughout Australia.

What industries do you operate in?

Hotwash Australia supply machines into several different industries including Automotive, Heavy Transport, Mining, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Aviation, Marine and Food.

Can we service the machines ourself?

Yes, Hotwash Australia will assist you with a complete set of instructions, including a video to show you how simple the process is.

How do we get rid of the waste water and chemicals?

recommends that you pump the dirty water into an IBC, or similar container. Once the IBC is full, there are a number of companies who will come and remove it and replace it with an empty one. Costs vary by state and area code, so you will have to get a quote from one of the companies within your specific area.

Do your machines have a warranty?

Yes, all new Hotwash Australia parts washers have a comprehensive warranty. Please enquire with one of our sales reps to find out more.

What about spares and backup?

Hotwash Australia keep a wide range of spare parts for all our products.

How quickly can you deliver?

Hotwash Australia Keep a range of parts washers in stock and we do our best to ensure we can deliver within five working days. However, there are times when we may not have a particular model in our warehouse. For most standard machines, we can deliver within one to two weeks.

Where are you located?

Hotwash Australia have our headofffice at 283 Treasure road north, Weshpool, Perth, WA. However, we also have branches located in Victoria, NSW and QLD.

Who will maintain our machine?

Hotwash Australia will maintain your machine wherever practical. We also make use of third-party contractores where necessary.

Is an automatic parts washer faster than a manual washer?

Yes, using an automatic parts washer is at least four times faster than any manual cleaning method. With an automatic parts washer, you can clean multiple parts within 15 minutes, while you can only clean one part manually, and it usually takes at least 45 minutes to do a half-decent job. There simply is no comparrison between the two!!

Will an automatic parts washer save me time and money?

Yes, if you make use of one of our automatic parts washers and it doesn't save you time - we will refund you the money within the first 14 days. (Terms and conditions apply)

Do your machines remove carbon?

Yes. Hotwash Australia have a range of hot tanks and wet abrasive blasters that will remove carbon from mechanical parts.

How long have Hotwash been in business?

Hotwash Australia have been around for more than 40-years.

Where do you import your machines from?

Our stainless-steel range of parts washers are imported from Europe. The final assembly and quality control is done in our Perth workshop before dispatching them to our customers.

Do you sell chemicals?

Yes, Hotwash Australia sells a large range of cleaning chemicals. Click on our chemicals tab at the top of the page to find out more.