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Barry Fitzpatrick, Production Manager, Arbortech

Barry Fitzpatrick, Production Manager, Arbortech

We were looking for a better way to clean and remove our small components of preservative oils, we had tried various means of doing this, but none of them were efficient and they left an oil residue which caused problems to get the paint to adhere when we tried to paint after cleaning.

We found “Hot wash” and after several trials and demonstrations at the “Hot wash” premises with Jim the proprietor who devoted a significant amount of his time to us we managed to come up with the right formula relating to correct chemical, time and heat duration in the machine to suit our needs and clean our components enough to allow the paint to adhere.
Further to this on some of our components the chemical used even provided an anti-rust coating.

Jim at “Hot Wash” was kind enough to demonstrate and guide us through the process until we finally made the decision to purchase the “Hot Wash” HWK870SS stainless steel washing machine.

We purchased the machine in August 2015 and since that time our cleaning has become clean and efficient to our needs and environmentally friendly, up to now apart from having to change the water and add chemical, the machine has worked and functioned well without any maintenance to date.

We have been very happy to have purchased our machine from “Hot Wash” and has made cleaning easy and saved us money and kind to the environment.

Paul Hutton, Supervisor, Guerinoni and Son, Karratha

Paul Hutton, Supervisor, Guerinoni and Son, Karratha

“We bought a Hotwash machine because I had set up a new workshop and we were using a cut down D9 fuel tank outside to clean our parts in 46 degree temperatures. Now we own a Hotwash and my boys use it everyday and the cleaning results are amazing. Time saved is unbelievable and the quality of cleaning is second to none and the machine has performed perfectly over the last couple of years with only a couple of minor issues which were sorted by Jim in flash. Our major savings are no more kero and degreaser going through the oil separator and on to the settling pits, only clean tested water goes out for dust suppression. This machine has been a winner since the very first day and I would highly recommend one of these to anyone”

Paul Hutton, Supervisor, Guerinoni and Son, Karratha

Rob Weir, Millmerran Operating Company

To all,

Just letting you know that we are more than happy with the unit.

Bought it in just before this year’s major outage and operated flawlessly throughout but better than that, the most dreaded job of cleaning couplings for inspection and crack test was only a case of putting into the unit and two runs and they were clean.  That job was taking 2 men most of a shift to get clean enough for NDT.  During the outage the other small manual parts washer that normally men are queuing up for was virtually abandoned.  Thank–you for making our job much cleaner and easier.


Rob Weir
Maintenance Technician

Millmerran Operating Company
Morrat Reserve Road
Millmerran Queensland 4357

Dion Dellar, Reliability Supervisor, Orlando Wines SA

Just sending a quick email about the Hotwash that you sold us. We have
finally used it for our first major overhaul of our fillers. We managed to
get two fillers and one corker stripped and overhauled during a recent
shutdown. The Hotwash has vastly improved the standard to which we clean
parts and the time it takes to clean the parts.

In the past we normally have 4 x TA’s cleaning all parts by hand which would
take about 4 days. We managed to have all parts cleaned in one day which
enabled us to complete two filler overhauls (filling heads & lifting feet)
of which one filler contains 100 filling heads and the other has 72.

As you will see from some photo’s attached the heads and feet have cleaned
up really well and the added bonus of 90 degree temperature, we now
sterilise our heads at the same time.

We have set up our Hotwash with pallet tank at the back which we pump
caustic in and out of to recycle as we need to rinse in citric acid as the
stainless components can start to corrode so we are using the Hotwash to
rinse as well.

We are extremely happy with the reliability of the machine and are
particularly impressed with the performance of the unit. We would highly
recommend a Hotwash machine to anyone who has a workshop that needs to
improve their parts cleaning productivity and reduce costs.

Chris McCourt, Chris’s Mechanical Services, Hawker S.A.

We purchased a Hotwash Automatic Parts Washer because it was Australian made and we wanted a reliable machine. We’ve been using it for four years now and it has completely met our expectations.

It is well built, quiet and easy to maintain and has sped up the turn-around time on dirty jobs dramatically.

The service we receive from Hotwash is always prompt, friendly and very professional and the knowledgeable staff have responded to our questions quickly and satisfactorily.

The great cleaning power of the Hotwash chemicals means not only do we save time, but it keeps the staff clean and happy because they don’t have to hand wash dirty, greasy components.

Chris McCourt, Chris’s Mechanical Services, Hawker S.A.