HB1100 Hot Blast Cabinet
HB1100 Hot Blast Cabinet

Our cabinet washers are the best at what they do. They have been formulated to clean small, complex components with high-pressure water. With them working hard behind the scenes, you know your workshop will be in good hands.

The pump is operated by a foot switch which allows for hands-free cleaning and provides better control to the operator. The high flow-rate pump allows outstanding performance for perfect cleaning results.

The water is heated by an efficient heating system and increases washing quality. The insulated washing tank reduces energy consumption, which keeps your running costs to a minimum.

The washing cabin is well illuminated by a lamp. Monitoring is provided through glass and an air jet cleaning system ensures excellent visibility during washing operation. The machine is also equipped with an air gun for drying of the parts after washing.

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Hotwash Hot Blast Cabinet Washer Results
Hotwash Hot Blast Cabinet Washer Results

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