Barry Fitzpatrick, Production Manager, Arbortech

Barry Fitzpatrick, Production Manager, Arbortech

We were looking for a better way to clean and remove our small components of preservative oils, we had tried various means of doing this, but none of them were efficient and they left an oil residue which caused problems to get the paint to adhere when we tried to paint after cleaning.

We found “Hot wash” and after several trials and demonstrations at the “Hot wash” premises with Jim the proprietor who devoted a significant amount of his time to us we managed to come up with the right formula relating to correct chemical, time and heat duration in the machine to suit our needs and clean our components enough to allow the paint to adhere.
Further to this on some of our components the chemical used even provided an anti-rust coating.

Jim at “Hot Wash” was kind enough to demonstrate and guide us through the process until we finally made the decision to purchase the “Hot Wash” HWK870SS stainless steel washing machine.

We purchased the machine in August 2015 and since that time our cleaning has become clean and efficient to our needs and environmentally friendly, up to now apart from having to change the water and add chemical, the machine has worked and functioned well without any maintenance to date.

We have been very happy to have purchased our machine from “Hot Wash” and has made cleaning easy and saved us money and kind to the environment.