Hotwash cleans up the ‘bottom line”

Jim McDonald is a man with a mission. He is out to demonstrate to workshops that manual washing of dirty and greasy parts in old-fashioned solvent tanks is expensive to business owners and potentially dangerous to workers.

“There is an easy and efficient way that does not involve labour costs that can add up to around $13,000 per annum or more and subject workers to unnecessary toxic hydrocarbons and employers to potential litigation.” said Jim.

So far he’s managed to convert hundreds of people over to his environmentally friendly range of HotWash Automatic Parts Degreasing & Parts Washing machines, but there’s still a long way to go.

“What many business owners have not taken into consideration is that to manually wash parts for just a couple of hours a day can cost about $350 a week in labour alone,” he said.
“Once they get the full picture they quickly see the benefit of purchasing one of our parts degreasers from as little as $40 a week.”

With potential savings well in excess of $10,000 a year, it’s no wonder Jim has never been busier in his automotive industry career that spans nearly three decades. This so far includes the sale, installation and maintenance of over 600 parts washers throughout Australia in the automotive, engine reconditioning, industrial and mining industries.

A fully qualified fitter and turner and tool maker, Jim has worked with some of the most prominent names in the industry including Warren & Brown, Repco and Nason Machinery before starting his own business to service the engine reconditioning industry in Western Australia back in 1989. Over the years his interests expanded into parts degreasing and the setting up of HotWash Australia and Western Machinery & Supplies in New South Wales.”

The HotWash range of automatic parts degreasing equipment uses proven, water based technology to clean grease from workshop materials such as steel, aluminium, cast iron, brass and plastics,” he says.
“Our range includes small, medium and large fully enclosed water-based, cabinet type, automatic parts washers, that combine the centrifugal action of a rotating basket with the force and volume of hot water and biodegradable detergent spraying from jets surrounding the basket.”

According to Jim, using an automated parts washer to clean parts keeps labour costs down and increases workshop productivity as skilled labour is channelled into more profitable activities.
“If you are manually washing for even as little as one hour per day your wasting 260 every 12 months. If your manually washing for only 2 hours a day that’s 520 hours lost every year.” said Jim
”Parts degreasers also address worker safety by providing a fast, safe and superior alternative to the outdated practice of hand cleaning parts in a sink of harmful petroleum based solvent,” he added.
“The wash cycle is controlled by a timing device which can be set to the length of time required to wash different degrees of dirt build up, and the water temperature is automatically maintained by a temperature controller within a fully insulated cabinet, thereby keeping machine operating costs down.”

The biodegradable detergent also contains a rust inhibitor that protects metal surfaces and rust proofs the inside of the machine and its surrounding mechanisms.
The HotWash range includes wet and dry sanding cabinets, waste recovery tanks and very heavy-duty hot agitating tanks.
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