Cost Analysis

It all adds up to a great investment

Like the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. It’s the same for Hotwash machines, except you can be sure that your return will far exceed your investment. We’re so confident that we guarantee satisfaction. As our customers will tell you, you’ll start to see it in the first few months – a BOOST to productivity and profits!


There is an easy and efficient way to clean dirty parts that does not involve labor costs that can add up to around $12,000 per annum or more and subject workers to unnecessary toxic hydrocarbons and employers to potential litigation. Since its inception in 2003 Hotwash has shown countless clients the potential savings an easy to service, automatic Hotwash can bring . It can save your company well in excess of $12,000 a year In lost wages. Using an automatic parts washer to clean parts, keeps labor costs down and increases workshop productivity as skilled labor is channeled into more profitable activities. Hotwash assists mechanical workshops in cleaning up the ‘bottom line’.


You do the sums!

If the average employee is spending even just 1 hour per day cleaning parts at a cost to you of $45 per hour, then look at the costs of manual cleaning and then the savings of buying your own Hotwash Automatic Parts Degreasing Machine. Owned after 4 years.



Cost of labor

Cost of Hotwash


Per day




Per week




Per month




Per year




Per 4 years




Plus an additional annual $25,000 profit for 260 reclaimed & rechargeable hours (@$95 per hour)

(Conditions apply. Lease over 4 years. Calculations may vary due to usage and charge

Don’t keep watching money go down the drain with old-fashioned, wasteful (and potentially dangerous) practices. Get in touch for a FREE quote today and find out how our systems can transform your workshop. You’ve got nothing to lose and only productivity and profits to gain, guaranteed!